Lanarkshire Area Tourism Partnership work to develop tourism in Lanarkshire

The 'VisitLanarkshire' brand and the web portal were created to develop and promote Lanarkshire as a visitor destination

VisitLanarkshire was created in 2005 by the then Lanarkshire Strategic Tourism Marketing Partnership in consultation with the local tourism, hospitality & leisure industries and the industry led Lanarkshire Area Tourism Partnership, (LATP)

The LATP comprises of representatives drawn from: 

  • VisitScotland 
  • North Lanarkshire Council 
  • South Lanarkshire Council 
  • Private and public sector organisations including the Lanarkshire Tourism Association

The role and remit of the Lanarkshire Area Tourism Partnership is as follows: 

  • Oversee the implementation of the Lanarkshire Tourism Action Plan 2015 (LTAP) 
  • Input to National Tourism Strategy and review local alignment on an ongoing basis 
  • Secure resources for the delivery of the Lanarkshire Tourism Action Plan from partners 
  • Monitor performance of the LTAP and Lanarkshire's contribution to the national tourism aspirations 
  • Act, when appropriate, as a lobbying body to further the interests of local tourism, leisure, and hospitality industries. 
  • Act as a forum for the exchange of experience, knowledge and best practice for both public and private sector tourism organisations 
  • Liaise with the Greater Glasgow & Clyde Valley Regional Office of VisitScotland on all local and national activity relating to Lanarkshire

The development and success of tourism is considered one of Lanarkshire's key opportunities to raise the profile and image of the area and contribute to the economic growth of Lanarkshire.

'VisitLanarkshire' was created to co-ordinate and enhance the efforts of the wider tourism, hospitality and leisure industries in Lanarkshire to develop Lanarkshire as a must visit destination.  

We will develop and manage VisitLanarkshire and the website as an exemplar tourism destination portal to deliver relevant and innovative information to visitors and effective marketing support services for the wider Lanarkshire tourism sector.

The Lanarkshire Area Tourism Strategy

The Lanarkshire Area Tourism Strategy to 2020 informs the tourism development activity in the area and is available to download to the right of this page.

For further details on VisitLanarkshire, and the Lanarkshire Area Tourism Partnership, contact:

North Lanarkshire Council

Civic Centre

Windmillhill Street