Privacy Policy

1.1 Statement of Intent 

The purpose of this privacy statement is to provide you, the User, with details of how will collect, store and use the personal data you supply to it. Personal data is information which relates to identifiable living individuals. This Privacy Policy is expressly incorporated into the Terms and Conditions of Use of this web site.

It is the policy of that it will act in accordance with current legislation and aims to meet current best practice with regard to the processing of personal data.

1.2 Collection of Personal Data

In using this site, you may provide certain personal data to, and certain data about you may be collected by 'cookies'. Cookies are temporary Internet files which are used by to enhance the use of this site, and to allow to build up a more detailed profile of you. In agreeing to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of the web site (of which this Privacy Policy forms part), you agree that can compile and process this personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Please see the attached Cookies Statement for further information on Cookies.

1.3 Use of Personal Data shall only use your data for the purposes for which it is provided or for purposes to which you have consented.

We will also hold and use your data to send you details of selected tourism businesses, products and services that we think you will find valuable. We may also occasionally pass your details to selected third parties involved in the tourism industry. If you would prefer your information not to be used in these ways please contact us, giving your name and address: (i) by post to Stephen Balfour, VisitLanarkshire, South Lanarkshire Council, Montrose House, 154 Montrose Crescent, Hamilton, ML3 6LB; or (ii) by email to 

1.4 Storage and Correction of Personal Data will retain the personal data it holds unless and until you send notice that you no longer wish it to retain this data. is obliged to supply you, on request, with a copy of the personal data it holds about you, provided that you pay a small fee. If you wish to exercise this right, please contact using the details set out in the previous paragraph for more details, including details regarding the fee which is payable for exercising such right. Should you discover any inaccuracies in such personal information, please notify as soon as possible at the same address. will then correct its records, and notify any third parties to whom such personal information may have been transmitted in accordance with clause 1.3 above.

This is the Cookies Statement referred to in the foregoing Privacy Policy

"Cookies" are a feature of web browsers allowing web servers to temporarily store information within your browser. uses cookies so we can monitor the number of users accessing our website and to monitor the geographic location of our users. Cookies also give the ability to track your activity through the website which means we can better respond to your needs and improve your site experience. Cookies do not contain any personally identifiable information. You can edit your browser options to ensure you do not receive cookies in future but any sites you visit will be unable to offer you a personalised service.

How to find and control your cookies:-
If your computer is running Windows:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x 

  1. Click Tools, and then click Internet Options. 
  2. Select the Security tab. 
  3. Click on the Custom Level button 
  4. Scroll down to the Cookies field 
  5. Select Enable for both entries 
  6. Click Ok 
  7. Click Ok again

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x 

  1. Click Tools, and then click Internet Options 
  2. Select the Privacy tab 
  3. Click on Advanced 
  4. Locate the options for Cookies 
  5. Set the Allow cookies that are stored on your computer option to enabled 
  6. Click on Override Automatic Cookie Handling 
  7. Select Enable cookies
  8. Click on Always allow session cookies 
  9. Click OK

Netscape Navigator 6.x Users 

  1. On the Edit menu, select Preferences 
  2. Click on the + sign next to Privacy and Security 
  3. Click on Cookies 
  4. Select Enable cookies for the originating web site only -or- Select Enable all cookies=

AOL 5.x 

  1. Click on Preferences from the My AOL menu The preferences dialogue opens. 
  2. Select WWW
  3. Select the Security tab 
  4. Select the Internet Zone 
  5. Click on the Custom button at the bottom of the window The Security Settings dialogue will appear. 
  6. Go to the Cookies section and select Always Accept Cookies 
  7. Click OK

AOL 6.x 

  1. Select My AOL
  2. Select Preferences from the Settings menu 
  3. Select Internet Properties (WWW) 
  4. Select the Security tab 
  5. Select the Internet Zone, then select the Custom button at the bottom of the window The Security dialog then appears. 
  6. Scroll down to the Cookies section and select Always Accept Cookies 
  7. Click OK

Opera 5.x Users 

  1. On the File menu select Preferences The Preferences Dialogue will appear 
  2. Select Privacy 
  3. In the Cookies section select Accept All Cookies

If your computer is a Macintosh:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x, 5.x (Macintosh) 

  1. On the Edit menu select Preferences The Preferences dialogue opens 
  2. Scroll to the Receiving Files option 
  3. Click on Cookies 
  4. From the right-hand window pane, scroll to the When Receiving Cookies menu 
  5. From the drop down menu, select Never Ask 
  6. Click OK

Netscape Navigator 6.x for Macintosh 

  1. From the Edit menu, select Preferences 
  2. Under Category, select Advanced
  3. Select Cookies 
  4. In the Cookies section, select Accept All Cookies 
  5. Click OK

AOL for Macintosh 

  1. On the My AOL menu, select Preferences 
  2. Select WWW 
  3. Select Advanced Settings 
  4. Under Receiving Files, select Cookies 
  5. For When Receiving Cookies, select Never Ask 
  6. Click OK