Event planning on a budget with VenuesLanarkshire

You’ve got something to shout about and you want to share it with others, but how do you go about making a splash on a shoestring budget?

These top tips will help you pull off a memorable event your delegates will love, without breaking the bank.


  1. Plan

The golden rule is to plan, plan and then plan again. Venues such as The Radstone Hotel offer dedicated event co-ordinators to help account for every single element and assign a cost to it, cutting out anything that’s not completely essential.

Trim down your overheads and then you can always add extras if there’s any money left in your wallet. Do you really need helium balloons, expensive floral decorations or live music?



  1. Go print-free

The environmentally-friendly option is also the most cost-effective. Keep print costs to a minimum and deliver online versions of programmes, schedules and brochures. With complimentary Wi-Fi and up to 900Mbps dedicated bandwidth internet which ensures a quick and reliable service, at  The Westerwood Hotel & Resort you can make your event entirely paper free.

Max out on social media to spread the message and encourage feedback and participation. Create an online presence for your event and keep refreshing it to build excitement.



  1. Collaborate

 Do you work closely with another organisation that’s also got something to say? Organise a joint event and share the costs.

BioCity offers unique meeting spaces, ideal for a large number of people and is situated between Edinburgh and Glasgow, handy for businesses or organisations who have people travelling from both cities.


  1. Catering

When it comes to catering, vegetarian food can be a delicious and cheaper option.

You’ll still need to check with delegates about allergies, intolerances and requirements, but by going completely vegetarian you’ll have ticked many of these boxes and may save on cost.

While most venues offer meat-free options, The Strathaven Hotel and Dalziel Park Hotel have a particularly wide variety, including risotto, pasta bakes, pastries and fruit platters.

Light, vegetarian friendly dishes are also a great way to promote wellness amongst your delegates, ensuring they remain both refreshed and motivated throughout the day. 



If you are planning a meeting or event, check out our venue page for details on Lanarkshire’s top spaces, you can even use our dedicated enquiry form to contact event planners and check availability.


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