Three ways to incorporate digital into your next event

The days of delivering an engaging and exciting event with no more than a white board and a powerful voice, appear to be well and truly behind us.

For the meeting and events sector, there is now an expectation that all events, big or small, will have some aspect of digital technology incorporated.

To help you engage with the tech savvy delegate, consider these simple ways to use technology during your next event.


  1.     Get social

 Social media is the most cost effective and easiest way to give your event a digital boost.   

Create a dedicated hashtag and share this with attendees prior to the event taking place, allowing them to digitally network and engage in conversation with other delegates, all while creating interest in your event online.

During the event, use a live Twitterwall, to collate social media posts and display them on a large screen, creating a buzz amongst attendees and encouraging them to share their experiences.

You can also use social media to provide real time updates and reach audiences who were unable to attend, by posting videos and photos throughout the day.



  1.     Interact with your guests

If the budget allows, provide iPads or tablets for your guests to share videos, images and other presentation materials instantaneously.   

Get interactive by asking your delegates questions through a live Q&A or introduce an element of gamification with puzzles and challenges, to break the ice and foster communication amongst delegates.

If you want to pull out all the stops, then why not create a bespoke app which allows delegates to register online, follow the timetable and even find the meeting rooms.





  1.     Virtual reality

Welcome to the future -  a time when it is totally reasonable to see delegates virtually transported to a new world while in attendance at a conference.

Often used for demonstrations, virtual reality allows your guests to try out a new product in a totally unique way. This is particularly useful when products are large or bulky, and allows you to make the most of event space by cutting down on unnecessary props.





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