Three ways to promote wellbeing at your event

With a focus on our health and wellbeing becoming increasingly important, now is a good time for event professionals to consider how to encourage a healthy lifestyle at their events.

Use these three simple tips to create a healthy culture your next meeting or event.


Get moving

Inviting fitness coaches, yoga instructors and other trainers to your next event can be a great way to get your delegates’ heart rates up and stress levels down.

Half way between Glasgow and Edinburgh, BioCity’s recently upgraded meeting space is modern and spacious, with plenty of capacity to accommodate exercise workshops. After all, healthy delegates are happy delegates!

The Westerwood Hotel boasts an 18-hole golf course on site, for those who prefer some friendly competition to help them reach their goals.


Healthy menu

Create a healthy, varied menu to keep your delegates alert and raring to go.

Sandwiches and pastries might sound appealing, but will leave your attendees feeling sluggish and tired, diminishing productivity and participation.

Alona Hotel’s culinary team can create bespoke meals, snacks or buffet spreads for your event or conference as part of their tailored events packages. At the Strathaven Hotel you’ll have a wide selection of menu options, which feature everything from pan-seared salmon to mixed green salads. Your guests (and their stomachs!) will thank you for providing them with some healthy options.


Team building

Remember that wellness isn’t just for individuals – teams can also benefit. Creating a happy and healthy environment for everyone to work in is proven to result in increased productivity and improved results.

Close the door on boardroom meetings and take your team outside. Walking meetings are not only a great way to rejuvenate and get some fresh air, but also encourage creative ideas. 

New Lanark Mill Hotel is surrounded by woodlands and boasts as home to Lanarkshire’s only rooftop garden, perfect for outdoor meetings. If you’re considering a corporate away day or team building activity, take a look at our dedicated blog.



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