Three ways to promote wellness at your next event

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With many starting the new year with aspirations for a healthier lifestyle, event planners can use this opportunity to help delegates improve their overall wellbeing, while also boosting concertation and productivity.

Use the three simple tips to create a healthy culture your next meeting or event.


Ditch the junk food

Fuel the body and engage the brain, by ditching the coffee and chocolate biscuits in favour of foods that are high in antioxidants and vitamins.

Foods like pizza, sandwiches or crisps may sound appealing, but they can often leave your delegates feeling sluggish and lethargic, reducing productivity and participation.

Install a smoothie station where delegates can select fresh ingredients to make their own beverage, or consider a fruit platter so they can indulge in refreshing appetisers. At the Strathaven Hotel you’ll have a wide selection of menu options, which feature everything from pan seared salmon to mixed green salads.


Get moving

While it may not be appropriate to have delegates performing star-jumps between agenda points, having them do a few simple stretches and small movements can be useful for injecting some energy into the room, while also improving concentration.

If it’s an all-day conference, organise a friendly tournament of rounders or cricket during the lunch-break to really revitalise attendees, leaving them more alert and effective.

With a conference room suitable for 400 delegates, spectacular grounds which boast views of the surrounding Campsie Hills, and an 18-hole golf course, The Westerwood Hotel is the perfect venue for event planners looking to break up the day with fun activities. 


Connect to nature

Spending time outside can do wonders for a person’s health, reducing stress, improving their immune function and stimulating the brain.

Take your next meeting or event out of the boardroom and host it outside, where delegates can breathe in fresh air, enjoy the weather and connect with nature.

From teambuilding events, to meetings on an outdoor terrace over an alfresco lunch, Lanarkshire offers plenty of ways to escape the stuffy meeting rooms. Check out our guide to the area’s top venues with an outdoor event space for more inspiration.


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