Top tips for organising networking events

As technology advances, the pace of business progresses with it. However, re-surfacing from behind your computer screens and having some real face-to-face contact with colleagues can provide excellent business opportunities.

Whether you want to widen awareness of your company to new audiences, or scout for potential employees, networking events can be vital to the progression of your business. To help you get the most out of your next networking event, we’ve created a list of top tips.


Give them something to talk about

The venue you choose doesn’t just simply facilitate your event, it makes a statement on the type of gathering you are hosting and this can resonate with potential attendees. Trying to get to know a whole room of strangers can be a little daunting to some, but you can help make things smoother for everyone by providing a venue with a wow factor – an ideal conversation starter.

Whether this means choosing a location that will pack a culinary punch, such as the excellent catering facilities such as Dalziel Park, or a venue surrounded by incredible scenery like New Lanark. Not only will attendees have a better time, but they won’t be forgetting about it any time soon.

Do your research

Yes, networking events are all about meeting new people and learning more about their businesses, but don’t leave too much to learn.

Doing some pre-event research on your attendees can allow you to come prepared with questions and topics you’d like to discuss. Putting in the groundwork ahead of the event will mean you’ll be ready to instigate meaningful conversations, while leaving a lasting impression on other attendees.


Accessibility is key

Taking time out of people’s day can be a big ask when holding a networking event. People are busy with deadlines and hectic schedules, so to ensure attendance, make sure your event is accessible.

Choose a venue that is easy to get to by road or rail, particularly in traffic. Just off the M8, with easy access to Glasgow, Edinburgh and Stirling sits BioCity, and with its recent revamp, it is an excellent place to host a networking event.

Consider the length of event, too. Delegates are much more likely to attend if the event is one to two hours, where they can fit around their calendars when compared to all-day events.


If you are planning a meeting or event, check out our dedicated venues page for details on Lanarkshire’s top spaces.

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