Carbage mania drives into Lanarkshire

Carbage Run

The Carbage Run is coming to Lanarkshire on Thursday 9 July where car enthusiasts from all over Europe will make a stop at M&Ds Theme Park as part of an annual car race, much like the Gumball Rally.

The event, which begins in Gorinchem, Holland, will see over 500 cars from across Europe make the journey north. The teams will be stopping in London, Swansea and The Peak District, before crossing the border into Scotland. The cars will be arriving at M&Ds Theme Park from 3pm before continuing to their final destination in Aberdeen on 10 July.

The event is a race between car enthusiasts who are challenged to buy a vehicle for less than €500 and decorate it in bright colours before the event starts. As the cars are old and the distance travelled is approximately, the challenge is to keep them running!

Approximately 550 cars will travel over 1,500km from Gorinchem to arrive at M&Ds, with a further 234km to travel to reach their last stop in Aberdeen. Visitors will have the chance to speak to the drivers and find out more about the different stages of the race and how they came up with their quirky car designs. The vehicles will range from estate cars and small cars to motorbikes and scooters.

This is the first time the event has stopped in Scotland, so don’t miss the chance to see this one of kind five day rally driving into M&Ds from 15:00 on Thursday 9 July.