Cycling in Lanarkshire 2015

If you love cycling, you’ll love cycling in Lanarkshire. In this selection of bike routes for 2015 you’ll discover that cycling in Lanarkshire is definitely going places. A phenomenally successful Commonwealth Games has further boosted participation and many more people are taking advantage of the top-class facilities available in North Lanarkshire.

But there’s much more to cycling in Lanarkshire. And you don’t need to travel for miles to reach routes that suit as Lanarkshire is right on your doorstep – and much of it still feels undiscovered. All sorts of cyclists can find all sorts of options, all grades of difficulty and endurance, and a real choice of distance. Ride through a variety of landscapes peppered with history and well-served with restaurants, pubs and tearooms where you can rest your legs, refuel and relax after a day well spent. Whatever your prowess or fitness, there is a route for you to enjoy in Lanarkshire.

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