New Lanark World Heritage Site welcomes the Great Tapestry of Scotland

UNESCO World Heritage Site, New Lanark is the destination of choice to display the Great Tapestry of Scotland in autumn next year. The record-breaking tapestry will take centre stage during New Lanark’s textile celebrations, running throughout October and November 2014.

The Tapestry was developed by Scottish writer Alexander McCall Smith, artist Andrew Crummy and historical writer Alistair Moffat and united hundreds of volunteers from all over Scotland to create the stunning 143 metre long artwork. Comprised of over 160 panels, the embroidered tapestry tells the story of Scotland, from as early as the Ice Age in 8,500 BC, to Andy Murray’s Wimbledon victory in 2013.

The Great Tapestry of Scotland, which is more than twice the length of the Bayeux Tapestry, is described as a creation of community and is recognised as being one of the largest and most ambitious community arts projects in the world. The volunteers, who had a range of embroidery skills, transformed Andrew Crummy’s artwork into a creative representation of the country’s history, with the whole project taking over 50,000 hours to complete.

Key figures involved in the development of the tapestry will visit the site during New Lanark’s Textile Celebrations next autumn and present lectures on the design, stitching and creation process of the Tapestry. To coincide with the display of the Great Tapestry of Scotland, New Lanark will also be hosting an exhibition ‘Woven through History’, in addition to exhibiting work by local quilting group Riverside Quilters.

The Tapestry will be on display at New Lanark World Heritage Site from Monday 20th October – Saturday 22nd November 2014. For further information on New Lanark’s Textile Celebrations and other events, please visit