The eagle has landed

Lanarkshire has a new resident, a 21 year Golden Eagle named Brunhilde. The female originally from Germany who has spent the last few years travelling the world has just joined other birds at Rhuallan Raptors.

Brunhilde, whose name means ‘armoured battle maiden’, will be attending events throughout Lanarkshire as well as across Scotland.

Rhuallan Raptors is home to over 20 birds of prey which carry out flying displays, photography sessions as well as educational talks.

Rhuallan Raptor owner George Thomson said: ‘Brunhilde is settling in well, at 21 she is one of our oldest birds and as she is now entering her ‘golden years,’ she will mainly be doing static displays and educational talks. The biggest change is that we are considering changing her name to something that will better reflect her new Scottish identity.” 

Rhuallan Raptors allows people the chance to get close to the birds of prey as well as hearing from the experts themselves.

Fun facts about Golden Eagles:

• they are the second largest bird of prey resident to the UK

• they have an average wingspan of 2m

• female birds are always bigger and heavier than their male counterparts