Forth is a small village in South Lanarkshire with a population of around 3,500 people.

The village of Forth is situated near Lanark in Clydesdale midway between Edinburgh and Glasgow and easily accessibly via the M8 motorway and A706 road. Forth, South Lanarkshire is surrounded by the smaller settlements of Climpy, Braehead, East Hinshelwood, Wilsontown, Harelaw, Mossplatt, Tashieburn, Auchengray and Shodshillmill. 

Local amenities within Forth and surrounding area include local shops, supermarkets, post office, health centre and public houses

Do you want to explore the beautiful countryside of Forth? Take the Forth, Wilsontown and Braehead Cycle Route, or the Forth and Clyde Canal Cycling and Walking Route. Or, for those who love horse riding, take the Forth and Wilsontown equestrian route.

Brief History of Forth

The village is believed to have taken its nme from 'the open air'. Employment was based around weaving, which was later replaced by ironstone, limestone and coalmining.

The parish church was built in 1875 with stone quarried from nearby Hailstonegreen Quarry. The garage on the main street still stands in the same spot as where it was opened in 1926. There used to be a Railway Station in nearby Wilsontown, built in 1867, however this was closed in the 1950s. Forth gala day still runs today when the 'queen of heather' is crowned.

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