Muirhead is a small rural community situated between Glasgow and Cumbernauld. Enjoy a peaceful stay, play golf, and/or go horseriding.

Ideally situated on the main road networks north and south, Muirhead has a definite country village feel, but gives easy access to all other parts of Lanarkshire and the rest of Scotland.

The suburb has a variety of shops newsagents, traditional butcher S Collins and Son, stationers plenty of take-away food shops and two bars. There is even a cycle route from Cumbernauld to Glasgow, which passes through Muirhead.

There is also a selection of accommodation available locally, from budget to 3 Star Hotels, local leisure facilities include golf and horseriding.

Brief History of Muirhead

Always closely linked with neighbouring Chryston, the village of Muirhead was located on a crossroads between the Stirling - Glasgow road and from Kirkintilloch to the south. 

It was most likely due to its location on this busy route that the town grew, as a stopping point for travellers, mostly walking with some travelling on horses. The name of Muirhead derives from Scottish Gaelic 'Ceann a' Mhonaidh'.

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