Airdrie Observatory

Airdrie Observatory is operated by The Airdrie Astronomical Association (AAA) on behalf of CultureNL and is located within Airdrie Public Library.

The Airdrie Astronomical Association (AAA) hold regular meetings and when weather permits, observing sessions are held using the telescope. The Observatory is open to the public when special astronomical events happen, allowing the stars and comets to be viewed using this magnificent piece of equipment.

Whether you are a complete beginner or have an existing interest in astronomy, a visit to the Observatory can be a fascinating and rewarding experience.

The observatory is open for events and groups should book in advance. Please contact the Airdrie Astronomical Association for details of upcoming events (contact details below).

History of Airdrie Observatory

The original telescope was donated by local astronomer Doctor Reid to Airdrie Library. In 1925 a 6 inch Cooke of York refracting telescope was donated by Mr Coats of Coats Ironworks and installed and mounted onto an equatorial mount. Cooke was one of the country's foremost telescope makers.

After the war years the Workers' Educational Association began an astronomy class in the Observatory. This encouraged an interest in the sky at night and events in the heavens above.

The Observatory also has a number of smaller telescopes which can be used either at the observatory or can be moved to "dark sky" sites for observing sessions.

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Tel: 07505004770

Location: Within Airdrie Library Wellwynd ML6 0AG

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