Bad Habits

East Kilbride Arts Centre
When newly ordained priest, Father Dermott O’Donnell arrives at his new diocese in the Holy Cross Church and Convent he has big plans about his future and how he will improve the area but before he can do any of that he has a bigger problem to deal with... a Pregnant Nun! Refusing to start his career with a scandal the young priest and the holy sisters do all they can to cover it up by trying to convince the world Sister Mary is having the second immaculate conception and Christ is coming thrusting them and their whole community into the spotlight. But will their outrageous plan work? Will Mother Superior be able to keep her mouth shut? Or will the world find out they are frauds! Only one things for sure this penance will be more than a few hail mary’s!!!

Date: 15th October 2020 - 16th October 2020



  • Standard 12.50GBP
  • Concession 10.50GBP


East Kilbride Arts Centre - Old Coach Road G74 4DU East Kilbride

Rutherglen Town Hall - 139 Main Street G73 2JJ Rutherglen

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