Biggar Albion Archive

The Biggar Albion Foundation was formed in 2001 as part of the Biggar Museum Trust. It looks after Membership is open to all interested in Albions, whether owners or not. One of a series of museums and places of interest within the town of Biggar.

The Albion building, houses vehicles and archives of Albion Motors, a commercial vehicle manufacturing firm started in 1899 by Thomas Blackwood Murray (co-founder of Albion), A small motor museum is open at weekends. 

Albion was established in 1899 in Glasgow, the second city of the Empire, already renowned worldwide for its engineering excellence. Albion's motto "Sure As The Sunrise" was adapted into the logo which featured on the radiator and badges of their models for many years and helped to establish their identity wherever they operated throughout the world. 

Tel: 01899 221 050

Location: Edinburgh Road, Biggar, ML12 6AX

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