Craignethan Castle

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Hidden away in the rolling hills of Clydesdale in Lanark, Craignethan Castle is the last great private stronghold constructed in Scotland.

A ruined castle in South Lanarkshire. It is located above the River Nethan, a tributary of the River Clyde. The castle dates back to around 1530, and functioned as a residential tower, protected by an artillery fortification. The oldest part is the tower house built by Sir James Hamilton of Finnart. The castle’s defences include a caponier, a stone vaulted artillery chamber, which is rare in Britain. 

Steep slopes protect the castle on the south, north and east sides, but the castle is actually overlooked by higher ground to the west, making it far more vulnerable than it appears. Craignethan's defences are therefore concentrated towards the west. The castle comprises a low central keep, within a rectangular walled courtyard. To the west is a deep ditch and beyond, a larger outer courtyard 

The castle is also home to the nature trail, which allows you to descend from the castle and into the deep glen of the Nethan Water.There is an abundance of natural plant and wildlife to see, and all within a short distance of the castle.

For more information about the landscape and cultural heritage of the Clyde Valley and events in the area, visit the Clyde and Avon Valley Landscape Partnership website. 

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