Dead Sheep Comedy Club - May 2019

Cumbernauld Theatre
Welcome back to Scotland’s award winning comedy team Dead Sheep Comedy, regular hosts of our monthly-ish comedy club.  Come along and join them in our intimate studio theatre to get up close and personal with some of Scotland’s rising comedy stars and established names on the UK comedy circuit.   The line up for each comedy club is announced in the week or two running up to each monthly event.  This means there’s an ever changing line up so no two comedy clubs are ever the same so be prepared for a few surprises along the way.  And remember, you never know who you might see!    10 May  8:00pm  Tickets: £10

Date: 10th May 2019

Performances: 20:00

Price(s): Standard 10.00GBP


Cumbernauld Theatre - Kildrum G67 2BN Cumbernauld

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