Jonny Muir: The Mountains Are Calling

Biggar Library
Jonny Muir was a nine-year-old boy when the silhouette of a runner in the glow of sunset on the Malvern Hills caught his eye. A fascination for running in high places was born – a fascination that would direct him to Scotland. Running and racing, Jonny became the mountainside silhouette that first inspired him. His exploits inevitably led to Scotland’s supreme test of hill running: Ramsay’s Round, a daunting 60-mile circuit of twenty-four mountains, climbing the equivalent height of Mount Everest and culminating on Ben Nevis, to be completed within twenty-four hours.

Date: 23rd November 2019

Performances: 14:00

Price(s): Standard 5GBP


Biggar Library - Market Road ML12 6FX Biggar

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