Lanark Racecourse

The course is better known as home to Britain's oldest horse race, the Lanark Silver Bell, which after a gap of three decades following Lanark's closure, is now contested again at nearby Hamilton Park Racecourse. Further to this the course also staged the longest handicap in the racing calendar, the 2 12-mile (4.0 km) he course was a right-handed oval, 10 furlongs (2,000 m) round, with a run-in of around 3 12 furlongs (700 m).

The first aviation meeting to be held in Scotland was held at Lanark Racecourse in 1910. This is reportedly the first time, aeroplanes were accurately timed over a straight measured distance, allowing the first world records to be set, covering flights over one mile (1.6 km).

Racing at Lanark was of a modest quality, and race meetings were only attended by the faithful Scottish race-goes and thus the course closed in October 1977 due to financial problems.

The remains of the course are still visible today. However Lanark Racecourse Recreation Area now provides a range of outdoor recreation facilities as detailed below. 

Four grass pitches eleven-a-side
Two grass pitches seven-a-side
Two rugby pitches
Floodlit synthetic pitch
Multi purpose area
Also available for special events
Pavilion provision:
Six changing rooms
Referee room
Access - staffed
Car parking