le Pain

Assembly Roxy
Well-known internationally as one half of the hugely successful Nikki & JD acro duo (Knot), JD was born to inherit the French bakery passed down through four generations of his family. But JD studied Medieval History and Modern Literature in France and then Circus Arts in London. He will not follow his father, or his father’s father or his father’s father’s father into the family bakery. JD is not going to bake cakes. Or Bread. Or will he? A play on the French word for bread and the English word for suffering, in (le) pain we follow JD forced to choose between continuing the family legacy or pursuing his dreams as a performer. (le) Pain is about breadmaking, physical heroics, growing up queer in a boulangerie in the south of France, endings and new beginnings. Directed by Ursula Martinez, this innovative and refreshing show involves circus, dance, storytelling, Béarnaise folklore, video, karaoke and laughter.

Date: 6th August 2022

Performances: 16:00

Price(s): Standard 8.5GBP to 13.5GBP


Assembly Roxy - 2 Roxburgh Place EH8 9SU Edinburgh

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