Microlight Scotland

Based at Strathaven Airfield, Microlights are not so far removed from those early biplanes. The pilot and passenger are exposed to the elements but if anything the view from a microlight is even better.

Their trial flights make fantastic birthday gifts and anniversary presents for the adventurers out there. Using one of the gift vouchers you can simply relax and enjoy an unparalleled view of Scotland’s stunning scenery ... or you can get flung around the sky as though you were on an aerial rollercoaster. The choice is yours!

All the microlights are fitted with dual controls, so you will also be offered the chance to fly the aircraft yourself. You may even be flying the "Pink Panther", the former world record holder for climbing speed to 3,000m altitude and the trusty steed for instructor Colin MacKinnon's record-setting first solo crossing of the USA by weightshift microlight. If microlighting is too raw an experience then Colin also offers flights and lessons in a covered in C42 Ikarus. If the microlight is like a motorbike - this aircraft with its leather seats is like the sports car version!

You don’t however have to get off the ground. The Scottish Flying Club in South Lanarkshire is happy to have people around who want to come to the airfield just to watch, have a picnic and get up close to the aircraft. 

Tel: 07979971301

Location: Strathaven Airfield ML10 6RW

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