New Lanark World Heritage Site

The Award-winning Visitor Centre at New Lanark

The fascinating history of New Lanark is brought back to life in an award-winning Visitor Centre, where you can explore all the attractions with a passport ticket.

The Annie McLeod Experience 

One highlight of your visit to New Lanark will be the fascinating 'Annie McLeod Experience' ride, where the ghost of a mill-girl appears and takes you on a journey of discovery. Check out a video of the visitor centre here: 

Robert Owen's contribution

New Lanark village first rose to fame when Robert Owen was mill manager from 1800-1825. Owen transformed life in New Lanark with utopian ideas and opportunities which were at least a hundred years ahead of their time. 

Child labour and corporal punishment were abolished, and villagers were provided with decent homes, schools and evening classes, free health care, and affordable food.

New Lanark lets you imagine how people lived and worked in Owen's time. Guided tours around the 18th century New Lanark mill village are available which are perfect for group visits.

New Lanark is still a living community, and the village is in the care of an independent charity. Profits from the hotel and visitor attraction help the New Lanark Trust continue to restore and maintain the historic village

Why not stop off along the picturesque Clyde Valley Tourist Route or the Falls of Clyde, while you are in the Lanarkshire area.

For more information about the landscape and cultural heritage of the Clyde Valley and events in the area, visit the Clyde and Avon Valley Landscape Partnership website.  

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Location: Rosedale St, New Lanark South Lanarkshire ML11 9DB

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