+ for St Bride

Dunoon Burgh Hall
Artists Alexander and Susan Maris present a new series of tapestry works which evoke Argyll’s social history of protection, endurance and healing in this time of pandemic. For more than twenty years, the artists have collaborated to make artworks that reflect the cultural significance imbued into Scotland’s places; following insights gathered from local knowledge and millennia-old symbols evident in landscape they have undertaken a journey of research through Argyll to produce an anthology of photographs, tapestries, texts, drawings and symbolic objects entitled ‘The Well at the World’s End’. The works in this exhibition are part of this anthology exhibited online and in galleries throughout and beyond Argyll. The suite of biodynamic tapestry artworks on display bring two Argyll protagonists into focus: – St Bride is considered by many to be a christianisation of the Celtic goddess ‘Brigid’; she became founder and abbess of the first Irish monastery and leader of Christian spirituality, revered for millennia for leading communities to find hope during times of deep despair. She is celebrated as a woman of peace who championed gender equality, created harmony amongst conflict, and is respected today as a symbol of healing and renewal. – The Cailleach is the ancient Celtic goddess and protector of west Scotland revered for her ability to control land, sea and weather systems and care for our environment. The artists translated the numerical proportions attributed to the Cailleach into the cruciform motif of the tapestries, and coloured the cruciform with dye from lichen gathered from around the well of St Bride in Dunoon. The cruciform design of the tapestries offer a symbol of aid in a time of crisis, and an opportunity to reflect on Argyll and Bute’s cultural histories of healing and renewal. (detail) CRUX (+ for St Bride) March 2020 © Alexander and Susan Maris Entry to our exhibitions is free but it does cost us money to bring them to Dunoon Hall. We would appreciate any donations to help us keep providing our exhibition program in the future.

Date: 8th February 2023 - 12th February 2023

Performances: 10:00 - 16:00

Price(s): free


Dunoon Burgh Hall - 195 Argyll Street PA23 7DE Dunoon

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