Qigong Classes

John Wright Sports Centre
In our Qigong classes we practice Qigong in its truest sense . . . we work with Qi. Qigong (pronounced chee gong) is an ancient Chinese Art that was developed for the following uses:- Health and wellbeing - resulting in the practitioner being proactive with their health. Medicinal - where Qigong is used within Traditional Chinese Medicine. Spiritual Qigong - accesses the consciousness and practitioners can attain higher states of awareness and perception. Martial Qigong -is used to toughen and strengthen the body. In our classes we focus on health and wellbeing with more advanced students practicing Spiritual (Shen) Qigong. Health and Wellbeing We would all like to make improvements to our health and well being (and therefore to our lives). In the western world this usually involves going to the gym and expelling lots of energy while thinking about the other things that we “should” be doing. There is another way, one that has been practiced in China for thousands of years. It can be practiced anywhere and anytime and is a pleasure to do. It is a method that does not need specialised equipment or lots of space. So, if your goal for improvement includes any of the following, Qigong may well be your best way forward. Would you like to: – lower your stress levels? increase your vitality? have better quality sleep? have better posture? reduce the number of tension headaches you get? have a better, more efficient, immune system? lower, or regulate, your blood pressure? reduce chronic pain? These exercises are easy to learn and, once learned, they are an enjoyment rather than a chore. An hour out of your day to attend this class could have a lasting, beneficial, effect on your life. So, what are you waiting for?

Date: 8th January 2019 - 17th December 2019

Performances: 20:15 - 21:15

Price(s): Standard 7GBP


John Wright Sports Centre - Calderwood Road G74 3EU East Kilbride

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