Raptorworks |Bird of Prey Photography Workshops

William Wilson Photography working in conjunction with Rhuallan raptors are offering Bird of Prey Photography Workshops where you can get up close with these amazing animals. You can get the chance to photograph the birds when static and even try and get the perfect action shot as they fly and do what is natural.
We offer workshop,s expeditions, tours and training for photographers.

There is a wealth of information freely available on the web, from written articles to YouTube videos however our workshops provide practical opportunities to develop and extend your personal knowledge.

Finding suitable subjects to photograph involves a lot of research and most likely travel, there is also uncertainly your intended subjects my not be there on the day, with a workshop these factors are removed. Workshops give you time to practice, to perfect your skills, to interact with like minded people and learn first hand from experts.
Where in the wild the distance between you and your subjects tends to be much greater, this means longer lenses, with a workshop you are in close proximity which allows the use of much shorter focal lengths, it gives you confidence and can help you in future spending decisions.

A workshop lets you try bird photography, it is accessible to everyone and as a training ground it prepares you for expeditions where every tip and technique comes into play, it’s the tournament and practice is important if you want success.


Time: 00:00 - 00:00

Price(s): Various Prices - see website for details

Location: Rhuallan, Carmichael, Biggar ML12 6PG

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