Strathaven Castle

Historic Strathaven Castle

Built on a rocky, partly artificial mound, Strathaven Castle was defended to the east, south and west by the steep banks of the Powmillon Burn. Traces of the barmkin that surrounded the top of the mould remain to the west of the castle to this day.

Strathaven Castle once comprised a three-storey rectangular block with a four-storey round tower at the north-west corner and a small projecting wing at the south-east. The north wall and the tower remain almost complete.

The remains of a collapsed basement vault can be seen within the structure.

Explore the history of Strathavan Castle 

A human skeleton was supposedly found when part of the castle walls collapsed. An information board outside the castle expands on the story: "According to tradition, the wife of a past lord so greatly displeased her husband that she was walled up alive in part of the Castle wall. Nothing is recorded of her crime, yet it is said that she was led into a small purpose-built niche, blessed by a priest, given some food and water, and then walled up forever. When a portion of the walls fell down in the middle of the 19th Century human bones were discovered, giving some credence to this story".

Strathaven Castle promises to be a great day out steeped in history.  Ideal for all the family.

To continue your great day out in Strathaven, enjoy some outdoor activities at Strathaven Park.

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Location: Strathaven South Lanarkshire