Old Lanark Road, Fiddler's Glen, Crossford & the Clyde Walkway

Initially this route follows the Old Lanark Road. Once out of Carluke the road is lined with beech and hawthorn. There are reminders of when it was an important highway, such as old bridges. There are good views in every direction, especially to Tinto and across the Clyde Valley to Blackhill. When the route turns downhill towards the River Clyde it follows a stream known as the Fiddler’s Gill. Here, ancient woodland has survived on the steep slopes that channel the stream. From Crossford the route follows the Clyde Walkway, an intensely pleasant riverside walk and, if you are lucky, you may spot an otter. Once you have regained the high ground make the detour to Miltonhead to the monument erected close to where Major General Roy, the father of the UK mapmaking organisation, the Ordnance Survey, was born. 

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