Walking (& Cycling) Route - Clyde Walkway (North Lanarkshire)

The Walkway is ideal for wildlife enthusiasts or people that just enjoy the countryside.

You can do short sections by joining the Walkway at different points. Seven miles of the Walkway fall within North Lanarkshire.

Strathclyde Country Park

Starting at Strathclyde Country Park a level tarmac path runs adjacent to Strathclyde Loch. The Park is one of Scotland's leading centres for outdoor recreation. 

From Strathclyde Park to Baron's Haugh Nature RSPB Reserve short sections of the Walkway have relatively steep gradients. A detour around the Reserve will reveal meadow, marshland, scrub and woodland habitats.

This diversity makes it a haven for wild flowers, mammals, butterflies and birds, 170 species have been recorded.

Watersports at Strathclyde Loch

Much of this activity centres on the Loch, including canoeing and jet skiing. It is also the site of the new Scottish Rowing Academy.

The Park lies in 1,100 acres of mature woodland, rough wetland and open water, providing wildlife refuges for more than 150 different species of animals and birds.

The park boasts twenty-miles of paths, including a level tarmac route around the Loch. Parking facilities, refreshments and friendly advice from the Countryside Ranger Service can be found at the Watersports Centre.

Dalzell Estate

After leaving the Reserve the Walkway passes Dalzell Estate, originally a Royal hunting forest owned by the Dalzell family, until it was sold in 1647 to the 5th Laird of Orbiston, James Hamilton.

In the 18th century the barren estate lands were transformed into an orderly and landscaped park. Later additions included the arboretum in the 19th century and the Japanese garden in the 1920s. In 1952 Dalzell House and grounds passed into public ownership.

From Dalzell Estate and beyond Adders' Gill the path is prone to flooding, especially in winter, so an alternative route is signposted. The North Lanarkshire park ranger service also organises local walks, often with a heritage or wildlife theme. For details call either (01236) 780636 or (01698) 266155.

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