Walking & Cycling Route - South Airdrie Path Network

Suitable for walkers and cyclists

The path surfaces make walking and cycling relatively easy. The Network includes the five-mile long circular South Airdrie Cycle Route.

The route is in a loop that can be joined at different points. It includes a section between Sikeside and Cairnhill along National Cycle Route 75 and shares part of the North Calder Heritage Trail between Brownsburn and Calderbank in the south.
Parts of the Network have steep gradients, whilst gentler gradients are found along the Monkland Canal and between Calderbank Road and Cairnhill Road.

The North Lanarkshire park ranger service also organises local walks, often with a heritage or wildlife theme. For details call either (01236) 780636 or (01698) 266155. For details of walks and excursions run by local walking groups contact:

Ramblers Scotland https://www.ramblers.org.uk/scotland.aspx, email: The Ramblers <ramblers@ramblers.org.uk>

For local groups contact details visit http://monklandsramblers.com tel. 01698 833983, email cmrambler@talktalk.net

or https://www.cumbernauldkilsythramblers.org.uk/contacts.html, email: info@cumbernauldkilsythramblers.org.uk

Tel: 01236 616436

Location: ML5 1QD

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