Whitelee Wind Farm

Whitelee Farm Visitor Centre is the place to learn all about renewable energy and is the access point to over 90kms of trails for cycling, walking and other outdoor activities.

At the Visitor Centre you'll find an exhibition room, a learning hub, a café with a viewing deck and also a shop.

The exhibition room has fantastic hands-on interactive activities. Learn about if you were building a windfarm would you know the best place for the turbines to go? Would you know how many blades to give them? Would you be able to balance the country’s energy supply to meet electricity demands? Investigate this and much more in the exhibition room.

The learning hub is where our educator led sessions are held. Here, schools and colleges are invited to take place in the ‘Wind Works!’ workshop to learn more about renewable energy. For more information on the sessions available please click here.

The café serves a selection of hot and cold food, teas and coffees and children’s meals. The café has large glass windows and an external viewing deck that provides stunning views of the windfarm

Tel: 0141 614 0851

Location: East Kilbride

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