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Brief History

The name 'Gartcosh' is thought to have evolved from the Gaelic word 'Gart 'meaning field and 'Cos' meaning hollow. The village was originally one of agriculture but eventually became known for its role in Scotland's Industrial Revolution.

In the mid 1800's Gartcosh was known for its iron and fireclay works. Most of Gartcosh's land was owned by two strict presbyterian spinster sisters.

The sisters were not interested in the considerable financial offerings for their property but were more concerned with maintaining the ongoing spirit of Gartcosh. They eventually relented under pressure from Smith & McLeans and sold off some of their land for industrial purposes, but only on the condition that no public house, bookmakers nor Catholic church would ever be built within the Gartcosh boundaries.

This agreement is still honoured today and Chapman's Public House is built immediately outside Gartcosh's natural boundary. Although the resident catholic population travel to Muirhead, Glenboig or Coatbridge for services and there has never been a licensed bookmakers in Gartcosh.

Present Day

Gartcosh Business Exchange has been developed on the site of the Old Strip Mill and Steel Works. To date over £20 million has been invested in the site in terms of land reclamation, transport links, including Gartcosh station and over developments.

This project aims to provide over 170,000 square metres of business space serviced by the new improved transport links. Gartcosh also has a Nature reserve, which has an extensive natural plant and wildflife reserve.

The proposed new SPSA (Scottish Police Services Authority) campus is currently being developed within Gartcosh Business Interchange. When completed the campus will house state of the art forensic science technology for Strathclyde Police in conjunction with the SPSA, new headquarters for the SCDEA (Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency), SSOCA (Scottish Serious and Organised Crime Agency) and HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs).

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Enjoy the natural wildlife at Gartcosh Nature Reserve Gartcosh Nature Reserve Gartcosh Nature Reserve has an extensive natural plant and wildlife reserve, and offers a great day...

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